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The Gathering Community Culture teaches how everyday life brings simple opportunities to reach out and be the answer for someone.  That's what Jesus did!  It's a privilege to live by His example.  When we Love, it changes the world.  Below are various ways to get involved in outreach.

Dinner 4 Eight (D48)

We believe that the message of Jesus Christ impacts every area of a person’s life.  People are looking for authentic relationship where they are free to be themselves. The Gathering Community is reaching out to others within our own areas of influence to share a meal together!

WHAT IT IS:  Dinner for Eight (D48) is an informal, casual way for you to broaden relationships and connect with the community. Eating together is fun, social, and relational and an easy way for people to connect with others. The goal is to have fun, engage with others and experience community. You don’t have to be a great cook to participate!  This Model is based on what Jesus loved to do (see Luke chapters 5, 9, 19, and 22) – we invite you to share a meal and engage with Friends you haven’t met yet.

WHAT IT'S NOT D48 is not meeting with one’s current circle friends. D48 has focused to expand ourselves, our relationships, and extend the love of Jesus to people you may never have the opportunity to connect with. This is what Jesus is all about: making room for diversity, expression, laughter, and fun while we make room for others to experience His love.

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