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4 Months - 3 Years* 
*Not toilet trained

4 Months- 3 Years

Our most starry-eyed members!  There is nothing more precious than those who live out of innocence and love. Our Childcare Team nurtures their spirit and developing personalities as they learn about Jesus.  The Gathering Team is professionally trained & licensed to care for your children. 

* 3-year-olds that are toilet trained may be promoted to Incredibles (3-5-year-olds).



*3 - 5 years of Age
*Toilet Trained

3 - 5 years of Age

Your children are truly incredible.  Although they may never star in a movie they are brave, trust innocently wears the badge of great courage and want to experience everything.  The characteristics they develop as they learn about Gods love, His power, and their ability to engage and receive from Him is the foundation of healthy growth and development.   They are great in their eyes and in the eyes of Jesus. We aim to keep it that way.



Agest 6 - 11 years old

6 - 11 Years of Age

Rulers are those who understand the hierarchy and aim to rise to the occasion.  Your children are born with the desire to soar and we aim to equip them with the Keys to the Father’s heart as they experience His Joy, His favor, His truth, and His great heart of Love.  They will forever carry a backpack of tools they can use and apply as they learn through the eyes of Great Rulers of the Bible.   A gift that helps them engage with friends, teachers, and adults. We provide a safe place for each one to encounter the Best God has for them.

As a Community, this is our greatest privilege; raising up the next generation! We have fashioned an experience that kids won't forget.  It meets them where they are and how they communicate. We focus on helping kids build their faith, encounter the love of Jesus and learn to extend it to others.  We use Bible stories, songs, and group activities appropriate for each age group.


Safety is our First priority.

All G-Kidz volunteers and teachers have passed background checks before they serve.  We employ a security-tag system for child check-in and pick-up. Our team will text you should we need to reach you during the worship experience.  On your first visit allow at least 15 minutes before service starts to properly check your children in.  If you have more than one child, consider needing additional time.

1st Time Visit?

Park in the Front where the Visitor Parking Flag is for your red-carpet welcome. You will be greeted by a friendly Team and will be wearing the LEAD TEAM lanyards. Our greeters can guide you towards the G-Kidz check in and connect you with a Gathering Team Leader to ensure a warm and safe experience for your child. 

If your child has special needs, please be sure to share that when you check them in. Also bring any personal or dietary needs specific to your child so we can ensure a safe and fun experience. 


Check In

Your children’s safety is of utmost importance to us.  On your first visit, we will need the following information to ensure security is in place: Parent/legal guardian names, children’s names, birthdates, address, phone number and any special instructions (allergies, dietary or health needs) for each child. 

This information is entered into our Secure database to help maintain the secure check-in system.  We are concerned as much about your kids safety as we are with our own.

Don’t hesitate to ask, as there is no question to small.  You can speak with a  LEAD TEAM VOLUNTEER or connect directly via email or by phone.