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Women Unite

G Women gather on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday nights to engage, worship & experience truth learning together from the Bible.  

Women at the Well Social – The Social event is a great place to bring new friends. Held on the last Friday of each month from 4-6 p.m.  Women come from all over the area to join in for a casual, social, fun time.  Check the Calendar for locations as we intentionally want to experience various places in the City and deposit the Love of God throughout.



Men of Strength

G-Men meet in small groups for prayer, Bible study, and growing in connection. Their goal is to build a deeper relationship with the Father, understand who they were created to be and begin to fulfill their purpose.  We invite others to join us.  Check the Calendar for locations & times.

G-Men Breakfast is held 3rd Saturday of every Month @ Mimis Cafe.  All are invited and bring a friend! 


G- Crew & G-Force

G-Crew & G-Force

G-Crew is our Junior High Group.  They focus on grades 6th to 8th Grade.

G-Force is our Senior High Group that focuses on 9th - 12th Grade

These groups meeting Every other Sunday night @ 6 pm @ 4690 Longley Lane, Suite #1, Reno NV 89502. Check the Calendar.

Being a Community is not a solo job, it takes one another to ‘be’ and display God’s Love to a neighborhood, a workplace, the Gathering Community Church and our Cities


G-Women & Women @ the Well

In today’s culture women have diverse roles and responsibility and at the end of the day, often believe they fall short of such excellence. G-Women focuses on the invitation of love, to encourage and build one another up. Why?  Because competition, insignificance, and posturing have no room when love is offered and extended one to another. Jesus love awakens real trust that allows everyone to mature at their own pace into every facet of a virtuous woman.


  • Grow in relationship
  • Learn from One another
  • Champion each other's dreams 
  • Set, develop and meet your goals
  • Experience real acceptance and love

    JOIN US every 1st and 3rd Wednesday.  @ 7 pm @ 4690 Longley Lane, Suite #1, Reno, NV 89502.  Check the Calendar for Women @ the Well & other Social events.

    Contact the office @ 775-996-3753 for more information or specific needs.

G-Men & Breakfast

Where ever the Father is leading in the City, you will discover strong, spiritually passionate and focused men who live out of a relationship, challenging one another through the world and in the Spirit of the Lord.

Many are familiar with King David's Mighty Men! This was his entourage of a magnificent, special elite force of fearless warriors. They were extraordinarily strong, courageous, unflinchingly brave and completely committed to David. They were thirty-seven of the most fierce and dedicated warriors that ever lived. The Gathering G-Men are those who are completely committed to Jesus.  JOIN US.

Goals and Purposes -

  • To Establish men who consistently seek the Heart of the Father and live daily to establish Gods purposes here in the greater Reno area.
  • To be Men of dignity, honor, and truth all demonstrated with intentional acts that bring Glory to Jesus.
  • Develop an intentional prayer life and become students of the Word
  • Growing and expressing your “spiritual Gifts and Callings”
  • Stand together for victory without judgment.
  • To be individual witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ at any given moment.

G-Men meet at various locations throughout the week.  They are breaking into small groups to become better acquainted and develop stronger relationship & accountability. Check the Calendar for times and events.

Please contact The Gathering @ 775-996-3753 for more information or options to connect.

G-Men Social

G-Crew & G-Force

The Gathering Jr & Sr High population is on the move.  Not only are they growing in numbers but in community with one another.  Young people from Junior High to Senior High want to know the presence and the person of Jesus Christ and are open and available to have the conversations others have dodged.

The Gathering Community has come together to love, train and raise up a Generation that not only function in unity like a Crew, but are developing and will remain a Force to be reckoned with as each discovers their identity, uncovers gifts and talents.  As they engaging the person of Jesus and learn to reach out to their peers with compassion, the love of God will begin to roam the streets in Reno.

Contact the office @ 775-996-3753 for more information or specific events. Much is in the works!