Journey to Grow

Connect Journey

Connect, Discover, Explore & Serve

Whether you are a visitor, a newbie, or regular participant at The GATHERING, Connecting with Purpose is key to grow in your walk.

In this 4-week series, you will learn the values that describe The Gathering’s priorities.  Discover how embracing the message of Jesus will impact every area of our life; in Him, through Him for all of us. That’s Community; sharing common interests, goals, and passions larger than yourself. 


Connect 4

A path to find encouragement, direction, and purpose while unmasking your Redemptive Signature; the natural characteristic of God in You.  A four-week series loaded with the principles of growth and answers to guide you in Truth.


Epic Growth & Spiritual Change

EPIC Growth Courses are written with a change in mind. Don't get stuck needing more information. Our classes are loaded with transforming action steps. You were created to flourish, and there is no Joy without growth. 

Awaken the Spiritual part of You!


Exponential Growth

Inside each of you are seeds of greatness, a sort of Spiritual Intelligence. Your Human Spirit needs to taught to engage and connect with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Epic Growth Education

Education is an investment that is destined to produce results you are seeking.  Most are seeking Truth, not the same story repeated in Sunday School.

We have discovered that inside each person there are seeds of greatness, a sort of spiritual intelligence which expresses itself through many of life’s circumstances. There are also times when that faculty, because of no development or distorted development, can get confused.  We know that confusion is not sourced from God. Yet we live in a time where there is no greater need but to seek after, understand and experience truth in the light of The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

EPIC Growth courses are designed for Christ Followers and those seeking the truth.  They are designed for those who have gifts and experiences that need development, instruction, clarity, and direction as they anchor in truth and discover how to use them for His Glory.

Courses will be offered through the 7D The Connecting Point at days and times that can fit your schedule.  Courses Titles like:

    1. How to understand and Engage the Source of the Human Spirit.
      Learn to Break down barriers and eliminate reoccurring obstacles.
    2. Reduce the chaos and adversity in your daily life. This course will help you gain new tools to use in everyday life. Life in the Spirit does not need to be work, it’s natural.
  • THE SENSITIVE SPIRIT. (AKA called “feeler or empath’)
    1. How do you protect, yet develop a sensitive Spirit?
    2. Learn how to safely deal with unseen Spiritual forces, make meaningful choices, identify limits and break the patterns in your life.
  • SPRIT, SOUL, AND BODY – A triune being in the Image of the Father. All three are very different yet one.
    • Learn to identify the characteristics and difference between them.
    • Identify their senses and learn how to engage through legal pathways.
    • Identify and interact with the Spirit of Truth through each Body, Soul, & Human Spirit.
    • Discover your Human Spirit and teach it to live in authority. directing the Soul and the Body.
    • Nature of the Human Spirit